Design and production of car parts

Mahsar Toseeh is the pioneer in design and product development with a new approach in the industry

Quality is a prerequisite for success

Relying on new knowledge and advanced technology to achieve the highest quality and customer satisfaction

Commitment, Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Considering that quality is the pride of work, Mahsar Toseeh has put commitment and responsibility in line with customer satisfaction and service at the top of its agenda.

Spreading quality work culture

Improving the level of knowledge and skills of human resources as the most valuable capital of the company

Increasing our share of the market

With efforts to improve the management and production methods of the company we try to diversify our product portfolio

Efforts in saving resources

Reducing waste by optimizing the use of our resources thus increasing the productivity of manufacturing

Commitment to environmental protection

Compliance with the principles of environmental organization and Implementation of waste and recycling guidelines

The policies of our company

Organization strategy

Relying on expert forces, technical knowledge, and modern equipment we do our best to meet customer needs


Increasing the capacity and diversity of the product portfolio

In order to increase the market share

Code of Ethics

By respecting the customer’s rights and environmental obligations and relying on teamwork all lead to maximum utilization of resources, and work conscience to achieve a quality product.


  Product Portfolio


  years of Work Experience


 Human Resources

Our professional services

Pneumatic manufacturing

By using modern devices and unique technology

Injection molding products

We use quality and environment friendly raw materials

Produce variety of filters

Utilizing modern technology and expert staff

Our company is hiring

We have a long and proud history that emphasizes expertise and commitment.

Our latest products

All our projects are professional and of the highest global quality